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Going for Mother of the year award – take #968

Earlier this week, I did the cardinal sin….

…queue scary music…

I was cleaning off the “collect all our shit” spot (a.k.a the dining room table) and I tossed some things into the kitchen trash.

fast forward 2 hours later…

Uncontrollable sobbing heard in the distance

Riley is fast asleep in bed, so I know the crying can’t be a result of my children punching / hitting / kicking / stealing toys from the other.  I walk downstairs to see what all the fuss is about and I find my son, Nate, sitting on the floor crying…

  • Me: What’s wrong Nate?  Did you hurt yourself?
  • Nate: silence and the “evil eye stare”
  • Me: If I don’t know what’s wrong, I can’t help you.
  • Nate: uncontrollable sobbing… Why did you throw my drawings in the TRASH? I made those for YOU! Did you not like them?
  • Me: (thinking…oh shit! think quick you only have one shot!) Oh no!  Your drawings are in the trash?  They must’ve gotten stuck to the newspaper that I threw away!  I didn’t mean to throw them away – let’s get them out now before they get dirty!

Yep, mother of the year award…right here…

Item #58 – Crush your child’s spirits and make them feel like their creative masterpieces are not good enough for you… check

Note to self: All future “clean-up” needs to be done after bedtime and should be disposed of properly in the garage garbage/recycle bins so little boys and girls can’t accidentally see.

Here they are - salad dressing and all!

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