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Family Vacation 2011 – San Francisco – Episode 3

If you missed the first two episodes of our 2011 family vacation to San Francisco, you can check them out here…

Now, on with Episode 3…

Day 3

This day began with a visit to the Children’s Playground at Golden Gate Park.  It was beautiful!  They have everything imaginable – including a carousel!  The best part was that hubby got to relive his childhood when he taught Nate how to go down the concrete slide in style (see Exhibit A)!  Riley loved playing in the sand with all the sand toys. The visit ended with a few rides on the wonderful carousel…AND – are you ready for this awesomeness?!… adults ride free!!! (**disclaimer – adults free with paying child – I can just see all of you “big” kids out there trying to ride it free without any children)

Koret Children's Quarter - Golden Gate Park

Exhibit A - Hubby being a kid again

Wee! This rocks mom!

On top of the sand pile

The Carousel @ Golden Gate Park

After working up an appetite, we headed to lunch in the Sunset District at Park Chow.  They had excellent food!

Lunch @ Park Chow - YUMO!

The beach was calling to Nate, so the next stop on the list for Hubby & Nate was Ocean Beach. Riley and I headed back to the condo for a quick nap.

Ocean Beach

We all met up again for an evening walk on Baker’s Beach.  Riley was scared of the waves and didn’t like the chilly weather so she whined the whole time and was only happy when one of us held her.  The mean mommy in me must’ve come out because I made her walk on the way back back to the car.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about easing her fear of new things, but try lugging around a 30 lb toddler while walking in the sand.  Talk about a workout!

Nate loved playing ball with Steve's puppy!

Beautiful Scenery!

Doesn't he just look like he belongs here? Nate could not have loved it more - the beach, the ocean, the cool weather. Daddy's boy through and through.

Day 4

It was a gorgeous day in the city – warm, sunny and so clear you could see to the other side of the bay.  What better way to kick-off the day than to spend some time at House of Air, an indoor trampoline park.  They have a kid’s section for the smaller ones that has two bouncy houses, which is one of Nate’s favorite things to do!  It was an amazing facility!

Nate playing @ House of Air in SF

Since it was such a nice day and we were right by Crissy Field, we decided to stop and play at the beach.  After all, why not hit all the beaches in the city while we’re here.  Wasn’t that one of Nate’s goals?

Nate running from the waves

Riley was finally getting used to the sand and "digging in"

She was even getting brave enough to go see the water!

The next stop was the Fire Station where hubby’s friend worked.  Nate loved climbing all over the trucks and playing golf in the back.

Cheesin' it up in the fire truck

Practicing his golf swing

Trying on the gear

Posing with his two buddies

To be continued…

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