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FREE (Crappy) Portraits – Rock on!

I was surfing and catching up on my Google Reader the other day (surprise, surprise) and stumbled across Free Crappy Portraits which, for some reason, sounded very intriguing.  I’m not sure if it was the word free or the word crappy that lured me in more.

The overview in 20 words or less…

  • Select stellar photo
  • Draft crafty overview about people in photo
  • Email both
  • Wait
  • Receive Free Crappy Portrait from artist
  • Giggle

Here are the details I provided them…

Blurbs about each of us

A little about us… Krista loves to travel and experience new cultures, she’s a very picky eater and like everything plain, but she’s obsessed with spices, her favorite color is aqua blue, she’s addicted to ice cream…well, any kind of sweet, but ice cream would have to be one of her favorites, currently, she’s obsessed with all things vampire, she’s an animal lover and has a cat name Kington 2.0 – she adopted him from an animal shelter (Kingston 1.0 got lost), she’s terrified of being in deep water if she can’t see the bottom – something about dead bodies coming up to grab her legs, weird, I know…

Jesse left his heart in San Francisco, where he grew up, he’s a technology addict and constantly has gadgets in his hands from his iPad to his Android phone to his tablet, just like American Express, he doesn’t leave home without them, he also has a strange habit of piling his laundry in a mountain beside the bed instead of putting it in the laundry hamper – this drives Krista crazy…

Nate is a comedian, he loves telling jokes and making people laugh, he also loves all electronics and his favorite movie is Star Wars…

Riley is a little diva, she knows what she wants and goes after it, she loves reading books and her favorite series is Barney…


And here’s what I received in return!

I’m guessing this could become very addictive, but I promise I’ll refrain from bombarding them so you all can experience the fun too!

Thanks to artist, Cheryl, for the family portrait and to Free Crappy Portraits for the brilliant concept!


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