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Toronto Bound – Mom, Mum, Mommy …

I’m off to Toronto for the week (for my real job, not for fun….well, maybe I can try to mix a little bit of fun in!).

I’ll try to keep the momentum going with daily posts while I’m away. After all, it should be easier to keep up with blogging since I don’t have to deal with this for four whole days….


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Sister’s Trip – Daufuskie Island, SC

If you know me, you know I love to travel when time and money allows, so this will be the first of many travel adventures I share….

In 2008, my two sisters and I went on a trip to Daufuskie Island, SC, where the local mode of transportation is golf carts. It was February, and still pretty cold out (a balmy 48 degrees), so you can only imagine us driving around in an open air golf cart, shivering and wishing for a heater!

The first morning, we decided to take a stroll along the beach. We parked the golf cart near the pool and walked down to take in the wonderful scenery.

Upon returning to the golf cart, I noticed that my seat (the passenger side) was in the sunlight getting nice and toasty and that the driver’s seat was in the shade. I sat down and said “Ooo, my butt warmer is on! This is great!” My sister, Alica, started frantically looking around at the dashboard controls and said, “Really? Mine’s not! How did you turn yours on?.”  I died laughing and knew at that point she must’ve left her common sense at home!

Here’s a photo of me and my sister, Alica in the golf cart.

There were so many times on that trip that we giggled like little girls.  Other trip highlights included:

  • Living on the edge by going outside of the property with our golf cart (which was a big no, no and now I know why). We made it to the spa, but we broke down in the middle of the forest on our way back to the cottage and a handyman had to come rescue us.
  • Here’s a photo of my sister Angie try to push our broken golf cart with me in it.  We laughed so hard I thought I was going to pee my pants.

  • Notice the white object on her hand in the photo above?  That brings me to highlight #3.  It was SO cold driving that damn golf cart around and we didn’t pack winter attire, so we improvised by wearing socks on our hands. Not the greatest looking accessory, but cleaver, right?
  • Visiting the spa at least once a day.  Joe, if you’re out there, I still haven’t found a masseur that compares!

  • Strolling down the beach every day and taking silly pictures

  • Wine glasses as big as our heads
  • Horseback riding on the beach

  • and last, but not least, Lester – our friend that invited us out to visit him on this wonderful island and helped ensure we were taken good care of


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