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FREE (Crappy) Portraits – Rock on!

I was surfing and catching up on my Google Reader the other day (surprise, surprise) and stumbled across Free Crappy Portraits which, for some reason, sounded very intriguing.  I’m not sure if it was the word free or the word crappy that lured me in more.

The overview in 20 words or less…

  • Select stellar photo
  • Draft crafty overview about people in photo
  • Email both
  • Wait
  • Receive Free Crappy Portrait from artist
  • Giggle

Here are the details I provided them…

Blurbs about each of us

A little about us… Krista loves to travel and experience new cultures, she’s a very picky eater and like everything plain, but she’s obsessed with spices, her favorite color is aqua blue, she’s addicted to ice cream…well, any kind of sweet, but ice cream would have to be one of her favorites, currently, she’s obsessed with all things vampire, she’s an animal lover and has a cat name Kington 2.0 – she adopted him from an animal shelter (Kingston 1.0 got lost), she’s terrified of being in deep water if she can’t see the bottom – something about dead bodies coming up to grab her legs, weird, I know…

Jesse left his heart in San Francisco, where he grew up, he’s a technology addict and constantly has gadgets in his hands from his iPad to his Android phone to his tablet, just like American Express, he doesn’t leave home without them, he also has a strange habit of piling his laundry in a mountain beside the bed instead of putting it in the laundry hamper – this drives Krista crazy…

Nate is a comedian, he loves telling jokes and making people laugh, he also loves all electronics and his favorite movie is Star Wars…

Riley is a little diva, she knows what she wants and goes after it, she loves reading books and her favorite series is Barney…


And here’s what I received in return!

I’m guessing this could become very addictive, but I promise I’ll refrain from bombarding them so you all can experience the fun too!

Thanks to artist, Cheryl, for the family portrait and to Free Crappy Portraits for the brilliant concept!


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I sure do like those Christmas cookies, sugar…

Christmas cookies have to be the BEST THING ON THE PLANET.

Not all Christmas cookies…I’m specifically referring to the cut-out kind with frosting and sprinkles that take FOREVER to make….mix, roll, cut, roll again, cut again, bake….by the time you get done making them your feet are so tired and you’re so sick of the smell that you don’t even want to eat them.  That’s why I typically let my sister, Angie, do all the hard lifting.  We expect her to bring them to every family gathering and boy, are they delicious!

Since we’re not travelling home for Christmas this year, I had to face the cold, hard truth that if I wanted the buttery, soft, scrumptious, addictive things, I was going to have to break down and make them myself or not have any at all.

So, that’s just what we did this weekend.  Besides, what would childhood be without a little Christmas cookie making memory?  I couldn’t deprive my kids of that!

Yes, I did cheat.  I have my sister’s fabulous recipe, but I opted not to stand on my feet for 5 hours and instead, looked to one of my favorite new addictions, Pinterest, for some inspiration.  Lo and behold, I found just what I was looking for here.  What could be easier than 4 ingredients?!

Cake Mix Cut-Outs Recipe from the Christmas Cookie Jar cookbook

Image & Recipe Source

Here are the kids in action…

The first thing Riley did when I turned my back was take a BIG bite of raw cookie dough (she’s her mother’s child alright!)

Riley cutting out cookies

Nate rolling out the cookie dough

Riley rolling out cookie dough - notice she's trying to imitate Santa with a beard full of flour

Nate picked a reindeer to decorate and eat

Riley picked a snowman to frost and eat - mmmm

Funfetti Christmas Cookies - easy peasy

Last, but not least, I’d like to leave you with my favorite Christmas cookie song (yes, you heard me right, there actually is a song out there about them – and the best thing about it is the artist!)


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Things that make me laugh until I cry

There are so many things I love about the internet that it’s hard to pick my favorite, but I can say one of my favorites is the ability to search and instantly find the things that make you laugh so hard you cry…just for those days you need it the most…

Something I can’t get enough of lately is Damn You Auto Correct – A site that captures submissions of epic failed auto-corrects from your phone.  I’m certain if someone walked into my home office when I was browsing this site, they would think I was insane – cackling at the screen while wiping tears from my eyes.

And the best Marketing of all time – Budweiser’s Real Men of Genius!

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That’s Very Pinteresting!

I found several good items on Pinterest this week!

Highlights are below, but you can check them all out here.

Can you even begin to imagine THIS being your attic?  LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

For some reason, I’m obsessed with lime green walls and dark gray or black 

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

I love this quote.  That Albert Einstein, he was quite the genius!

Source: via Krista on Pinterest

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These are a few of my favorite things (unfortunately both can cause addiction)…

Enter Lot18

It’s a website that provides access to high quality, hard-to-find, WINES.

If that wasn’t enough for you, it gets better!!!

wait for it…

wait for it…


WHAT?! Wine AND online shopping all-in-one?


I can’t even remember how I stumbled across the website, but on November 13th, I did.  Since then, I’ve received those enticing marketing ploys in my inbox daily – free shipping, one in a million finds, 100 pt winemaker… and guess what?  They work!  I’ve already placed 2 orders!

Order one arrived today and I’m so excited to try it this weekend! It’s a Cabernet Sauvignon from Topel Winery in Hopland, CA.  I received two bottles and paid a bargain price of $19.83 per bottle.  These typically run $36/bottle plus shipping!

Order two will be arriving shortly.  It’s also a Cabernet Sauvignon (wow – can you tell what my favorite red is?) from Elevage Wine Co. in Ellensburg, WA. Two bottles also come with this shipment for $19.99 each. I’m not sure what the retail price normally is for this one.  Must be one of those “hard-to-find” ones. 🙂

Wine Down for the Weekend reviews on both of these will follow sometime soon…


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A little slacking….a little addiction

Yes, I’ve been a blog slacker lately…

What are you going to do about it?


That’s what I thought.

Seriously though, I needed a break to live life, enjoy the moment and maybe, just maybe watch a little too much tv.  Can you say addiction?  I tell you, those series DVDs just might be the death of me.




My latest addiction, you ask?


— my inner tween

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Series Addict

We don’t have cable TV and haven’t had it for around 3 years now, but I find myself watching more TV these days instead of less.  I guess that’s the blessing and the curse of technology.  The blessing is that I no longer have to shell out $100 every month for cable, the curse is that I’m glued to the TV and I find myself watching every show that even looks remotely interesting just because I can. I even got hooked on a Canadian show that doesn’t air in the US – craziness!

Hulu and other sites (which I could share, but then I’d have to kill you) have made it all possible.  That, and having a desktop hooked up to the TV.  Best of all, Hulu is FREE and even keeps a queue for you of your favorite shows.  You can set it up to get e-mail reminders when new episodes are available.  It’s super easy and so worth it!  Sure, I don’t get to see it on the original air date and have to wait a whole 24 hours, but who watches live TV anyway, especially with kids?

Some of my favorite shows this season…

  • New Girl – Loved the duck dance episode! … This one is about a girl that comes home to find her bf having an affair so she’s forced into finding a new place to crash.  Lo and behold, she moves in with three bachelors and life gets interesting.
  • Person of Interest – just started watching this one, but it looks enticing! … It’s about a ex-military guy who partners with an IT mind to save innocent people who don’t know they are about to die.
  • Secret Circle – I’m not sure what draws me in about shows with witches, but I was also hooked on Charmed back in the day!

And, of course, my previous favorites are still in the running…

  • Modern Family – H – I – L – A – R – I – O – U – S!
  • Private Practice – Taye Diggs – no need to say anything else
  • True Blood – This one just keeps getting more and more bizarre, but I can’t help myself

One of my favorite Modern Family Moments…Cam Hands 🙂

What are some of your favorites?

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