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CrossFit…I think I love you!

I will never forget that first night I walked into CrossFit Olathe for the On Ramp class.  It was June 5th, 2012.  I was extremely nervous because at that point in my life, my only form of fitness was taking the stairs instead of the elevator!  Various thoughts were racing through my head…Will the class be full of skinny people?  I bet everyone will judge me.  Will I even survive the first 5 minutes?  Am I too old for this?   Why am I here again? I was put a little at ease when I walked into the Box and saw other “newbies” like me from all different walks of life.

One of the owners and coaches of CrossFit Olathe, Jesse, kicked off the class by providing background on what CrossFit was and why he felt so passionate about it.  The piece that resonated with me was that he promised it would always be challenging.  Sure, you would come to learn and understand the movements, but each day would be a challenge because you would increase the weight or move up in scale or challenge yourself to beat your personal record for each WOD (Workout of the Day).  Then we began walking through the movements and I thought to myself…I can do this!

After the first month, I was hooked!  Sure, I was sore as hell and couldn’t move for days after the first WOD, but the soreness diminished each day and I began to look forward to what was next.  So much so, that I even felt like a stalker clicking the refresh button on the website at night to see if they had posted what the WOD would be for the following day!  I got to know the other members of CrossFit Olathe; we shared the pain of the WODs and helped push each other through to the finish day after  day.  The community is a big part of what makes CrossFit so great!

I would be remiss if I didn’t also share that the coaches are another major factor in your CrossFit experience.  Yes, CrossFit as a type of fitness is universal, but not every Box is created equal.  Jesse, Jerell and Mikki are rockstars!  They take the time to show you the proper way to complete each movement, even if they have to do it repeatedly.   Scalability is also something they always discuss prior to a WOD.  They want to ensure your success and help minimize your risk for injury.  You can certainly tell they love what they do!  And to top it off, they seem to be magical at providing mobility suggestions to improve any ailments you have before or after a workout.

I can definitely see and feel the difference after 6 months of CrossFit.  I feel more energetic, have more muscle definition and definitely got a butt lift!  I’ve dropped 7% body fat, 15 lbs and 2 dress sizes!  Not to mention the cool factor of being able to back squat my own bodyweight and push press half of it. Most importantly though, CrossFit has helped me in everyday life more than I can even imagine.  I no longer mind running up and down the stairs 20 times each night to calm a crying baby or to carry loads of laundry down. I don’t get winded any longer playing basketball with my son and I even outlasted him at the indoor trampoline park!

So, all-in-all, am I glad I joined CrossFit?


Am I even more glad it was CrossFit Olathe?

Hell yeah!  I’m in L-O-V-E!
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How did a whole year pass by?

I just looked back at my little blog to see how long I had abandoned it and realized I’ve been out of the blogosphere for an ENTIRE year!  How does time pass by so quickly?!

During that time, I continued to be a dedicated reader of my favorite blogs. I guess I just wasn’t inspired enough to post anything or maybe better yet, I was trying to pave a new path for myself and chose other things over blogging.

So, I’m back!

For how long?

That’s anyone’s guess!

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It only took 33 years….

Guess what I finally splurged on for myself?!


A Coach Purse!

*Disclaimer: I didn’t splurge too much.  My momma would still proud – it was on sale!


From me, to me gifts have to rank right up there with World Peace and Winning the Lottery.

Ok, well, maybe not that high, but they do rock my socks!

What about you?

What was your best from me, to me gift, ever?

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Now that’s a first!

Those of you that know me, know I love to travel.  I could spend hours searching for the perfect destination, rental, airfare…and often do when we’re planning a trip.  I want to ensure I get the best location for the absolute best price.

What can I say?  My momma taught me well.  Maybe it’s because being a single parent of four kids, she could never afford to take us on vacation so now that I have the opportunity to go every now and then, I want to make her proud by finding a bargain so she doesn’t think I’m spending my money frivolously.  Whatever the reason, searching for bargain travel has to be one of my favorite hobbies (Can that even be considered a hobby?).

Anyway, I was perusing one of my favorite travel sites, SniqueAway and came across this hotel in Punta Cana…

Normally – $371 / night

On special for the barain price of – $129 / night

Ok…what’s the catch?

I proceed to the hotel website to read the fine print and stumble across their FAQs…

Well then…that’s a first!  Most either say… Yes! They are welcome…. or No!  Adults only!

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen an answer quite like this, but it doesn’t make you feel so welcome.  I like a definite “No” better than a “well…we’ll allow them, but we’d rather not have your bratty kids at our resort” type of response.

Hmm…maybe they need some help in their Marketing department or maybe they don’t know what they want to be when they grow up.  Either way, my advice…

Make a damn decision and stick with it!

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Red headed stepchild

Yes, it’s true…

I’ve been treating my blog like a red headed stepchild lately.  It lost priority status sometime around the holidays, but I hope to get my butt back in gear soon.

Lots going on…where oh where to focus?

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FREE (Crappy) Portraits – Rock on!

I was surfing and catching up on my Google Reader the other day (surprise, surprise) and stumbled across Free Crappy Portraits which, for some reason, sounded very intriguing.  I’m not sure if it was the word free or the word crappy that lured me in more.

The overview in 20 words or less…

  • Select stellar photo
  • Draft crafty overview about people in photo
  • Email both
  • Wait
  • Receive Free Crappy Portrait from artist
  • Giggle

Here are the details I provided them…

Blurbs about each of us

A little about us… Krista loves to travel and experience new cultures, she’s a very picky eater and like everything plain, but she’s obsessed with spices, her favorite color is aqua blue, she’s addicted to ice cream…well, any kind of sweet, but ice cream would have to be one of her favorites, currently, she’s obsessed with all things vampire, she’s an animal lover and has a cat name Kington 2.0 – she adopted him from an animal shelter (Kingston 1.0 got lost), she’s terrified of being in deep water if she can’t see the bottom – something about dead bodies coming up to grab her legs, weird, I know…

Jesse left his heart in San Francisco, where he grew up, he’s a technology addict and constantly has gadgets in his hands from his iPad to his Android phone to his tablet, just like American Express, he doesn’t leave home without them, he also has a strange habit of piling his laundry in a mountain beside the bed instead of putting it in the laundry hamper – this drives Krista crazy…

Nate is a comedian, he loves telling jokes and making people laugh, he also loves all electronics and his favorite movie is Star Wars…

Riley is a little diva, she knows what she wants and goes after it, she loves reading books and her favorite series is Barney…


And here’s what I received in return!

I’m guessing this could become very addictive, but I promise I’ll refrain from bombarding them so you all can experience the fun too!

Thanks to artist, Cheryl, for the family portrait and to Free Crappy Portraits for the brilliant concept!


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Family Rules Project

I reignited my love for Picnik last night and finally completed one of the things that’s been on my ever growing to-do list FOREVER …

Our Family Rules Poster!

Unfortunately, the dishes are still in a pile beside the sink.  Ah well – you can’t win them all!

So, take your vote…which one should I print to hang up in our entryway?  Black, Green or Red?

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