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HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone!!!!

Today is my FAVORITE day of the year!  I can’t wait to see all the people in their costumes tonight…the kiddos smiling from ear to ear because they get to go door-to-door for free candy, the adults acting like kids again – selecting just the right outfit to accompany their children while the peruse the streets and secretly gorge on candy, the pumpkins, the scary decorations, the glimmer in Nate’s eye, Riley’s infectious giggle….

Pure bliss!

Since we didn’t get to do a dress rehearsal yet, I’ll leave you with a photo of them in costume from last year…

MOM! Iron Man is chasing me!

Is this candy for me?

Iron Man's new mode of transportation

And here are some shots from the year before….

Purple Gorillas are very scary!

This guy is much less scary than the purple gorilla, mom.

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Thoughts for Thursday – Stand Up

“You have enemies?  Good.  That means you’ve stood up for something in your life.”

– Winston Churchill

Sometimes I can come off…umm…a bit challenging.  I don’t accept status quo “just because”, I want to know why and how and when.  Which means if I don’t agree with the why or the how or the when, I may play devil’s advocate and challenge people to think outside the box.  Some people can handle a good challenge…others, well, let’s just say are not so open which means I may end up making enemies instead of friends.  But, going with the status quo is too easy.  I believe you should always stand up for what you believe in, even if you don’t always make friends along the way.

Like this guy for instance… Way to give it right back!  LOVE it!  I wonder when people in the world will realize that if they let go of their prejudice, there would be so much more room in their hearts for the things that really matter.

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Random Acts Of Kindness

No one ever told me that sibling rivalry can start before the age of two.  Lately, I feel like I’m nothing but a maid, cook and referee for the kiddos.  Every 5 minutes it’s…

Nate: “Mom, sissy is jumping on the couch”


Riley: “Waaaaaaa, Waaaaaaa, Nate NO NO!”


Me: “Either you both share and take turns, or that toy is being put away”

It’s maddening!

Then, when I’m at my wits end and can’t take anymore, I overhear…

Nate: “Sissy, are you sad?  Do you want me to get your lovey?”


Riley: “Nate, ugg (hug)”

or I see this…

and it makes my heart want to melt…

They sat right beside each other on the bench and shared some goldfish – no arguments, so slaps across the face, just pure happiness! Now that is bliss!

*Disclaimer – Yes, my children do own clothes, but if they want to lounge around in comfort on the weekends, I say…let them! 

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Yet Another Time Waster

A few month ago, I was catching up on some of my favorite blogs and stumbled across something called Pinterest.  As with everything else my blog friends highlight, this one sucked me right in.  I LOVE it!  The way you can share quick snapshots of items you’ve stumbled across on the web is great!  I also love seeing the great things the people I follow put on their “boards”.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Alphabet Wall – Have everyone bring a different letter to your baby shower

Apple Nachos

Wedding Song Lyrical Art

Image Source: The Humble Home

Handy Dandy Cleaning Lists

Image Source:

Cool bed for the kids – if only it were cheaper!

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Admitting is the first step…

I seriously have an addition to

THERE, I said it.

They have the cutest clothes! and shoes! and toys!

Just look at some of the stuff I purchased for Riley…

A bubble skirt - I can just see her marshmallow arms in this now!

She has a strange obsession with tutus and ballet

I think so

LOVE these! So comfy for big, chubby feet!

Doesn't every little girl need a hot pink hat for those sunny days?

Me <——Obsession with hot pink, black and white combinations? Nah!  Well, possibly…

I don’t even want to see a year-end summary of where all the money went because I’m certain Zulily will rank right up there with first and second items – Kid’s Daycare and Mortgage.

While we’re admitting things, if ranks as third on the “where does all the money go” pie chart, would probably rank as fourth.

When did online shopping become my primary source of purchasing items?  To think, I used to laugh when we moved into this house because when I opened the mailbox, multiple catalogs addressed to the previous owners would be crammed into the mailbox on a daily basis.  I thought to myself… how can one family order so many things online?

Now, I’m one of them!

*(insert scary scream here)*

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Hugs for Chuck

You know when you go to those germ infested play places and you see kids somewhere they shouldn’t be?

Annoying, isn’t it?

My children would never do anything like that…

Hugs for Chuck

If any of the staff questioned me, I already had the defense all figured out… “This is where a kid can be a kid, right?”.  But, they seemed to care even less than I did that Nate was on stage hugging a big mouse, so I seized the opportunity and took a photo.  Hey!  At least he’s not the only kid breaking the rules and at least he’s wearing shoes 🙂

Look at that cheesy grin for Chuck E!

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Thoughts for Thursday – What Lies Within…

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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