Family Vacation 2011 – San Francisco – Episode 2

05 Sep

If you missed the Intro Post of planning our 2011 family vacation, you can check it out here, or if you prefer the cliff notes version, let me recap it for you…

“Word of advice – if you’re travelling with more than one child, PAY THE MONEY FOR A SEAT!  Did you hear that? I said PAY THE MONEY FOR A SEAT.”

Now… onto Episode 2 of the 2011 Family Vacation series…

Thoughts of hubby and I living in a 300 sq foot room with two kids under five for seven whole days did not bring happy images into my head.  That is one of the many reasons why I opted to search for a condo instead of a crammed hotel room for our family vacation in San Francisco.  After countless hours researching my two favorite travel sites, Trip Advisor and HomeAway, I decided on a two bedroom condo in the Richmond District. Pricing was just a little higher than a hotel room, but well worth the investment.  It ended up being the perfect location and the perfect layout for us!

Day 1

Upon arrival, Nate wanted to go play, so we set out for Lincoln Park.  It had been completely renovated since our last visit and the equipment even looked enticing enough for adults to play on.  Who can resist a Christmas Tree shaped merry-go-round that you can climb up while spinning around and around and around?

If you’re over in that section of the Bay Area, I highly recommend making a stop there.  Afterwards, you can head over to the Tee Off Bar and Grill for some world renowned mac & cheese and a refreshing glass of a Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ Ale (be careful, I found out the hard way that it’s 7.5% alcohol… can you say tipsy?).  I know it doesn’t look like much and it seems expensive as hell, but I still dream about that mac & cheese!

Riley enjoying the slides @ Lincoln Park

Hubby & Friend Testing the Spinners @ Lincoln Park in SF

 Day 2

We stopped by for a visit with Grandma.  The kids loved playing with her artist supplies – glitter crayons, artist chalk, paint and sketch paper.  Nate even got schooled on what a record player was when Grandma busted out daddy’s old Fisher Price antique.  Nate said “Is that a CD?”

Grandma showing Nate the FP record player

Kisses for Grandma

Afterwards, we headed to the Haight Ashbury Street Fair.  Riley didn’t make it too long – it seems the chilly San Francisco weather didn’t quite agree with her – runny nose, watery eyes and sounds of hacking up a lung.  I took her back to the condo for a nap while hubby and Nate stayed at the fair.  They had a great time visiting with friends, playing in the bounce houses, and eating junk food.

S.F.O.G. Booth - Hubby's friend's clothing line

Check our S.F.O.G. here

This is how much Nate enjoyed the Haight Ashbury Street Fair

For those of you that haven’t been to San Francisco, I’ll leave you with a word of advice…

Even if shows a balmy 60 – 70 degree days, do yourself a favor and pack fall/winter clothes and a heavy coat.  You WILL need them! Besides, you don’t want to be caught as one of those tourists wearing an “I love SF” fleece down by the pier because you stupidly left without a jacket and the only thing you could find to keep from freezing to death was a thin, overpriced piece of material that didn’t even keep you warm. Trust me!

To be continued…

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