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Thoughts for Thursday – Life Counts

“And in the end it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”

– Abraham Lincoln

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Someone Like You

My favorite song of the moment is Someone Like You by Adele.  Upon hearing it for the first time, it sounded like an old familiar tune, like your favorite tattered teddy bear from when you were a child.  Her voice is spectacular and the lyrics are the bomb!  I’m certain that most of us can relate with what she’s saying, at least at one point in our lives…

So, what do you think?  Are you an Adele fan too?

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Slacking in action

Sorry for the lack of posts so far this week! I’m in Toronto on business again and was too exhausted to post anything last night. Why does traveling on a plane take all the spunk out of your Wheaties? Maybe it’s the fact that it feels like a cattle car or maybe (like me) you’re tense the whole time because you don’t want to invade the other person’s space. Whatever the reason, I promise to do better the rest of the week.

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Wine Down for the Weekend – Pro+mis+Q+ous (red)

Who knew a post about wine could draw in so many new visitors?! Since my first review, wine has been gaining speed in the top search engine terms that bring people to Candidly Savage. Big ass and friendship better move over!

Glad to know I’m not the only one out there addicted to a good bottle of wine!

Selection of the week…

  • Brand: Pro+mis+Q+ous (red)
  • Varietal: Red Blend (Zinfandel, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah)
  • Vintage: ?
  • Region: CA (42% Lodi)
  • Savage Rating: 8
  • Notes: berry with a little kick
  • Website:
Savage Rating Key:
  • 10 = OMG!  This wine is so good, I want to bathe in it!
  •  9 = Outstanding! I could enjoy a glass or two or three every night
  •  8 = Very Good! I might even share this bottle because it’s good, but not so outstanding that I want it all for myself
  •  7 = Good, but this wine better move over if there is an 8,9, or 10 in the room
  •  6 = It’s ok.  I probably won’t purchase again, but if someone else purchases it, I wouldn’t turn it down
  •  5 = Not bad, but not too good either
  •  4 = Not my cup of tea
  •  3 = A waste of money – Period
  •  2 = Pretty horrible, but not quite backwash material
  •  1 = I’d rather be drinking backwash from my kids
Disclaimer: I am not a wine expert, nor do I pretend to be one on TV.  Anything rated here is strictly the opinion of a Candidly Savage girl who loves wine.  Wine donations are accepted and encouraged.
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Thoughts for Thursday – Artists

“All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.”

– Pablo Picasso

In the spirit of Picaso, I’m going to try and encourage my children more with their “art” this week…

whether it be Nate listening to and screaming singing along with “Comin’ Home” by Diddy every morning or singing the same line of Justin Beiber’s “Baby” over and over again in his bed at night….

or maybe Riley’s “art” of trying new food combinations such as dipping bananas in pancake syrup or her love for all things ballet and demanding we read the ballet book over and over again…

my goal for the week is to break down the walls in my box and let them be little artists in their own way, not the way I think they should be.

Picasso Françoise Claude and Paloma 1951

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I always feel like…

somebody’s watching me….

So, I’m upstairs surfing on the Mac last tonight and notice a strange new something out of the corner of my eye.

When I turn to see what it is, I get the bejesus scared out of me.  I swore that ugly monkey was just on the floor – how did he get all the way up on the lamp shade?

Is it just me, or do sock monkeys give you the creeps too?  They are just not natural.

Creepy? No?

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The first one in the neighborhood

Yes, that’s me, a trendsetter, or maybe I’m just someone who’s obsessed with Halloween that decorates long before anyone else….yeah, yeah, you’re right… it’s probably the latter.

As promised, here are the photos of my outdoor fall decor…

Near the front door - I call her Gertrude

Because every now and then there are little monsters that come out around these parts

As Riley says.. "Puuuukin!"

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