Big Ass Friendship and Inner Geeks

31 Aug

It’s interesting when you start digging into site analytics and how people find your blog.  I have to admit, it’s also pretty addictive!  Hubby makes fun of me that I look at it so much, but I tell him that it’s just my inner geek trying to break free.

Or maybe it’s just my outer geek showing a little too much. Regardless, he has to love me either way since I disclaimered it in our wedding vows (really, I did – see except below if you don’t believe me!).

“…I promise to respect your obsession with technology, your multitude of computers and your inner geek, and appreciate your similar courtesy for my crazy obsession with spices, my love for travel and my inner geek….”

Nice, eh?  I really think vows should be about laying it all out there so you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Anyway, back to the analytics.  Do you know the top two search engine terms that lead people to Candidly Savage? Drum roll please…

  • #1 is Friendship – aww…how sweet
  • #2 is Big Ass – What?!  There are that many people that spend their time on the internet actually searching for big asses? Amazing!
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