Through the Lens – Challenge Accepted

24 Aug

It’s so easy to get caught up in the “I have kids, so I don’t have time for anything” mindset…especially when you work full-time and want to spend all your “me” time after the kids go to bed catching up on the fun, guilty pleasure stuff like… watching True Blood, playing Angry Birds on the iPad or eating dessert in peace without having to hide in a closet.

Last month I struck up a conversation with an intelligent, candid, young woman that went something like this…

  • Me: You need to get your ass in gear and start focusing on that mile long list of “things I want to do”
  • Myself: I know, but…
  • Me: Stop putting everyone ahead of yourself and start taking care of you first.  Trust me, the world will thank you for it.  A happy mama, wife, boss, etc. equals a happy kid, husband, employee
  • Myself: Amen to that!

A month into the challenge and here’s what I’ve checked off the list…


  • Got back into blogging and it feels like I’ve reconnected with my first love
  • Spend more time with family and friends
  • Have more “date” nights with the hubby
  • Found a new dentist & FINALLY started the regimen again AND they give free whitening supplies for life! Wha? BONUS!
  • Visited a Dermatologist for the first time to do a full body mole/freckle check (and when they say full body, they mean it!)


  • Get the house in order (which involves several things)
  • Finish decorating the house one room at a time – I’ve started on both the kid’s rooms
  • Have cheese, fruit, crackers and wine for dinner whenever you want and eat dessert first

and now I’m adding another to the list…

get better at taking photos and be sure I’m in some of them so the kids “see” me in their lives when they look back and reflect on old family photos. Like so many other moms, I feel like I’m always the picture taker instead of the subject.  Not that I’m complaining about that too much…after all, who likes to see themselves in pictures (unless you’re Eric Northman or Katie Holmes or someone else of the sorts)?

So, challenge accepted…here goes nothing…


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2 responses to “Through the Lens – Challenge Accepted

  1. babm8krs

    August 25, 2011 at 6:27 am

    Love it! As moms we do need to take care of ourselves first, not last! I love the picture challenge too…I’ve resorted to having several pro sessions with a photographer to ensure I end up in the photos with my family!

    • Savage One

      August 25, 2011 at 7:41 pm

      Yes – too often as parents we forget that our wants and needs still matter! I’m lucky that one of our good friends is a professional photographer, so I at least get family photos (with me in them) once a year! 🙂


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